Why to avoid the cheapest driving schools Melbourne?

Why to avoid the cheapest driving lessons Melbourne?

Are you looking for the cheapest driving lessons Melbourne? As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. But there’s more to a driving lesson than looking for a low price. We take a look at what you need to consider when it comes to selecting a driving school and why avoiding the cheapest driving school may save you in the long run.

What is a cheap driving school?

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The word “cheap” often refers to the lowest price. It means you get a service for less. But like with no-name brands that claim the same thing, in order to get the lower price, there is likely a few reasons behind the lower price tag. The first one may be based on the driving school wanting to capture market share. This is when a school has many instructors and is interested in capturing lots of students. The aim of the game, to flood their school with plenty of people. In and out they go, but that doesn’t mean they receive the best outcome. Nor does the school guarantee success based on educational performance either.

Another reason why cheap driving schools exist, is because we have this notion of wanting the lowest price. But finding the cheapest driving lessons Melbourne may end up with you being short changed. Often there are lower prices for the first lesson, but repeat driving tuition may be more. The instructor may also charge exorbitant cancellation fees or be less reasonable when it comes to you giving notice of being unwell or unable to attend a lesson. These added costs can add up, so it makes sense to do your homework.

Why finding the right driving instructor matters?

Melbourne is full of driving instructors. You’ve got plenty to choose from, but like when selecting where you are going to eat next, each place has pros and cons. And of course, the instructors behaviours and the way they teach students may differ greatly. So finding the right instructor for you matters so you can get the most out of your time when learning to drive in Melbourne.

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When it comes to learning to drive, you are not learning something for an exam. You are picking up things in order to survive on the roads. These roads can be dangerous at times. If you don’t get the best driving experience, your cheapest driving lessons Melbourne decision may end up putting you in a spot where you are less competent or not able to drive safely.

The best driving school in Melbourne

So what should you be searching for? There are few signs you can look out for when it comes to finding a driving school. You can learn more about the 7 steps to find a suitable driving instructor here.

Some of these signs include the way in which the driving instructor operates their school. Are they well known? Do they operate on a regular basis? What reviews do they have? These questions are important.

You could also consider ringing your driving school to understand them better. If you can speak directly with the instructor beforehand, this would be useful to see if you are comfortable with each other.

If worse comes to worse, you can always wait to your first lesson and if the driving school or instructor is not for you, you can restart your search for the best driving school in Melbourne for you. Because let’s face it – everyone is different.

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Driving lessons Melbourne prices

The price you pay can differ based on the instructor you choose. There may also be added costs if your driving instructor has to travel.

To compare, we’ve compiled a list of some driving school prices based on a recommended 60 minute lesson:

Excel Drive School
60 minute lesson – $60

RACV Driving School
60 minute lesson – $66 for non-member and members

Origin Driving School
60 minute lesson – $50

Master Driving School
60 minute lesson – $55

X Factor Driving School
60 minute lesson – $65

So you can see between the three examples, that the price can range but they tend to be around the $60 mark. If you think about it this way, you are paying for the expertise and time of the instructor, along with their vehicle costs including petrol. But remember, even if it is a higher price – you’ll still need to suss out whether they are a good instructor or school for you.

Note: Prices were correct at time of publication and sourced from the respective business website. Comparisons made on a limited range of sites. This does not offer a full comparison.

Why we believe in driver education?

When it comes to learning to drive, you can probably see from the last example or even from others out there – that there seems to be a need for providers to showcase their pass rates. Whilst passing is a good thing – the core outcome a driving school should be proud about is the competency of their students and whether they stayed safe and alive on the roads.

It’s why at X Factor Driving School, we are not the cheapest driving lessons Melbourne has to offer. We believe in driver education and solid outcomes for our students.

And to put the money where our mouth is, we have a guarantee that other schools don’t share. The guarantee that you won’t crash your car when you learn with us in your first 3 months. Because we know we offer the best and premier driver education for students.

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