Beginner driving lessons - Learn to drive nearby for the first time

Beginner driving lessons

New to driving? Beginner driving lessons are a great way for you to learn more about the roads and get the experience you need to become a safe and competent driver.

Beginner driving lessons - learn to drive young driver

At X Factor get beginner driving lessons with:

– A fully qualified and experienced driving instructor.
– Discover vital theory you’ll need to apply on the roads.
– Learn practical skills to equip safe driving habits.
– Friendly and open feedback to help you become a better driver.

Why are beginner lessons ideal for young drivers?

When joining the road, you may be mixed with emotions. Your parent or guardian may be happy to teach you how to drive. However, they also are likely to be biased. This bias starts from your first learn to drive lesson. It can be in the form of wanting to protect you or the feeling of pride, where an unsafe action may be excused for, whether intentional or not.

Many parents and guardians don’t realise that these learn to drive biases may exist. There is also a chance that the relationship between the family or friend may be impacted based on the driving lessons. These are all common issues which young drivers go through.

The good news is, by talking to a driving instructor first you could get the basics covered, helping you to be comfortable with driving safely with your loved ones. Hence, this can help to avoid any awkward moments or added pressures too.

Free driving lessons for first time drivers

If you’re about to sign up for beginner driving lessons with a driving instructor, be aware that you may be entitled to a free driving lesson as part of the Keys2Drive program.

This incentive is only available to accredited instructors.

Learn how to drive a car step by step

If you want to gradually become a competent and safe driver, practice will make perfect. If beyond your first lesson you still need professional driving help, X Factor Driving School can be here to assist.

We also offer learn to drive packages for students to take the ease of financial pressures, including deals where you can buy multiple lessons at a discounted price.

Driving lessons for beginners - young driver review

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