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Where to find the best Driving Instructor in Melbourne

Find the best driving instructor in Melbourne

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I guess it’s a little bit like looking for the needle in the hay stack, but if the needle was made out of solid gold it would make the search more beneficial.

There is literally too many driving instructors in Melbourne.

They are all trained and spat out of the same establishment like it was some kind of production line. It is a money making exercise for the Registered Training Organisations and there is no accountability whatsoever.

With this in mind, how then do you find someone who will nurture and train the precious cargo that is your child?

How do you know that when you pay someone for driving lessons you are getting the best value for money possible?

Are they teaching your child to drive proactively or just to pass the driving test?

Here is the long story and the short of it!

You MUST realise that learning to drive has nothing to do with getting the required 120 hours and it also has nothing to do with passing the driving test.

In 2013, 65 per cent of new Victorian drivers passed their license test. However, what the statistics don’t show, is how many of these drivers are equipped with quality skills for life, beyond the test. It’s no surprise that young drivers in this state are more than four times likely to be involved in a fatal or serious injury crash in their first year of driving.

Top questions to ask a driving instructor

If you are currently searching for a driving instructor in Melbourne then I strongly suggest that you ask the following three questions:

  1. What do you plan to teach my child?
  2. What locations will you be driving to?
  3. Can I come with you on occasion to see how you instruct?

The answer to these questions should satisfy you and give you some sense of relief and trust that they have your child’s best interests at heart.

If on the other hand, the answer leaves you feeling uncertain about moving forward, then you should continue doing some investigation.

A big company doesn’t guarantee a quality driving instructor

Biggest is not always best in this industry. I work alongside many instructors that have worked in the larger organisations and it is nothing but a money making machine. There is zero care factor and zero accountability.

In addition to this, it is a major conflict of interest. If your main business is selling insurance, you have no place and no right to be offering to teach kids to drive. It is a counter-intuitive business model, especially when you look at the pass rates they are producing year upon year.

These corporate machines could not care less about whether you learn to drive or not. They are only interested in creating ways to get more of your money, and that is the real business they are in.

Find the needle in the hay stack.

We are out there. We do care about you and your kids and we will teach them proactive driving skills that will keep them safe on the roads for years to come.

If you would like to know more or even understand how we go about what we do on a daily basis then feel free to contact us today.

I take pride in the fact we are one of the best quality driving schools in Melbourne.

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