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How to find the best driving instructor in Melbourne

As a driving instructor, the dumbest question I ever get asked is “Can you teach me the test routes please as I have my test coming up soon?”

This is like asking your maths teacher for the answers to your exam.

The key to find the best driving instructor in Melbourne, is to avoid those driving instructors that focus solely around teaching you to pass your driving test.

What to consider when choosing a driving instructor

When you are enquiring about driving lessons in Melbourne, what you need to understand is that to become a skilled driver you will need to learn to drive in a proactive way so the test becomes a mere formality.

There is a multitude of skills that you need in your arsenal to stay safe on the roads.

Sure; there are certain things you need to know for the test, but learning the test routes is in no way a guarantee that you have any driving skills at all.

In Victoria, you are given 120 hours to practice and hone your driving skills.

If you adopt a healthy approach to this process and plan out a set strategy over the entire period, you will become a safe and proactive driver on a daily basis.

How to find the best driving instructor

Part of your search process to find the best driving school in Melbourne is to look for a driving school that is qualified and insured. In addition, that you’re comfortable with in learning to drive. If your instructor puts too much emphasis on passing a test, reconsider your options.

Speaking from experience

On countless occasions, I have met with students who thought they were ready for their driving test but had very little knowledge about how to drive.

Driving in a proactive manner on a daily basis is a skill that is learned over time and can be taught, but it is not a set of skills that you cram in just before your driving test.

Why finding the right driving instructor matters

Let’s face it if you play football, and you have the best equipment on the field but you don’t know how to use it, it won’t make you a better player.

Time, effort, repetition and practice are the necessary ingredients to help you improve and grow as a player.

It is no different when you learn to drive. Except for this time, if you get it wrong you may end up dead!

Currently in Victoria the government has adopted a new slogan which is now imprinted onto all number plates.

It reads; Victoria – The Education State.

It’s time to get educated and get some real driving lessons from a driving instructor who understands that passing a driving test doesn’t equate to real on-road skills.

Let’s face it; you don’t wait until you’re drowning before you learn to swim. This would be like waiting until you get your learner’s permit before you begin the process of learning to drive. It just makes no sense at all.

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