First six months most deadly for P platers

First six months most deadly for P platers

first six months most deadly for p platersA significant reason comes in the design of the driving test itself. Too much focus is on doing what is needed to pass the test, but less on the driving skills and techniques that take longer to master.

Many young drivers may be able to pass the test on the day, giving them a false sense of security that they are now the same as all the more experienced drivers on the roads. The fact is however that learning to drive continues long after a young driver gets their P plates, and the first six months are the most deadly for P platers driving.

Here are some other sobering statistics:

  • Drivers between 17-25 years make up only 14 per cent of road users, but 26 per cent of road fatalities.
  • The first year that drivers are on their P’s are the most accident prone with the risk decreases significantly each year for the next five years.
  • 33 percent of fatal crashes in the first six months occur between 10pm-6am despite P platers doing only 9 per cent of driving between these hours.

Research claims that the reasons behind these statistics are complex and can include, Sleep Deprivation, Distractions, Alcohol or Drugs, Inexperience with night driving, False sense of bravado and lack of concentration.

  • Teenagers have increased risk taking behaviour in all areas, and this, unfortunately, extends to driving.
  • Driver training focuses too much on manoeuvres and less on defensive driving techniques
  • P plate drivers are more often driving older, less maintained cars, with fewer safety features that assist in saving lives.

Here at X-factor Driver Education we support a greater Pro-Active approach to young driver education, and this is achieved by getting all parties involved receiving the same information. A great way, to begin this process, is through the Keys 2 Drive program which puts in place a great “Foundation” that can be built on. It is a fantastic starting point for parents to look at ways to reduce the risk to their kids, especially in the first 6-12 months of getting their P’s.

Getting a licence is part of the process that any teenager goes through when transitioning to adulthood. They need to start making decisions for themselves, and they need to realize that responsibility is a big part of that.

I’m not a fan of parents who buy a car for their kids or pay for insurance or running costs, however contributing in a marginal way towards these costs, shows them that you are prepared to support the growth process that they are now engaging in.

Contrary to what many parents might think, most teens have a good level of respect and consideration for their parents, especially in situations where it’s clear that the parents are looking after their best interests.

Like anything, learning a new skill takes time and driving are no different. We make a point to reduce any risky behaviour on the roads in our practical driving lessons and encourage the best skills – all without using a lecturing approach.

X-factor Driver Education can be a positive influence and provide valuable road safety experience from the outset.

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