I'm very camera shy

I’m very camera shy

I'm very camera shyMost people, who know me, will know that I DO NOT agree with the “Speed Kills” slogan and message.

Whilst speed may be the end result of why someone is killed, it is not the cause. The highest represented age group in road fatalities last year was the 21-25yo age group, and the leading cause of death was texting whilst driving or distracted driving.

For those of you who don’t know me, I am a driving Instructor/Educator and author.

A small part of what I teach revolves around speeding but for the most part, this is controlled by listening to the motor and developing your sense of awareness. This is compared looking at the speedometer every 15 seconds, which is nothing but a major distraction from the task at hand.

I very rarely look at my speed except for when I am setting my cruise control because I am more concerned about what is going on around me and maintaining a proactive driving style.

Once proficiency is reached, you can see problems and issues arising before they eventuate and take evasive action. Problematic drivers stick out like sore thumbs, and speed cameras become extremely easy to see because your focus is not on things inside the car but things going on around you, in front and behind.

I’m very camera shy for a few years now, because I figure why pay the government any more money than I already do. Voluntary tax is a ridiculous notion.

Raise your awareness levels, practice listening to the motor (That is very difficult if you drive a Prius) and work on becoming a proactive driver.

This will ensure that you stay safe at all times and maximise the money you keep in your pocket.

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