Learn to drive! It could save your life

Learn to drive! It could save your life

Learn to drive! It could save your lifeI have been advocating for years that we all need to Learn To Drive in a far more proactive way, and one that holds us accountable, but most people are lazy.

The government and police know this, so rather than implementing an education style arrangement and show some proactivity they implement reactive strategies that benefit themselves and sell it to us, the general public as a caring strategy.

Do you think I’m a little cynical or harsh? Then listen up!

Just today, I picked up our local paper and read the following:- “More than 2000 motorists have been nabbed at one local intersection this year alone” This is due to the speed limit being reduced to 40K/ms per hour earlier this year despite the fact that there has been no fatalities in this municipality in the past 18 months and less than 6 serious crashes involving hospitalization.

Now let’s assume that the average fine is $165, this equates to $330,000 from one intersection alone in just seven months.

Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t like giving the government any more tax than I already do and this is especially pertinent to a voluntary contribution with after-tax dollars.

The main reason, which the road toll has been reduced significantly over the past ten years, is that we are now driving so slow it is almost impossible to kill ourselves in a car. Proof of this is in the evidence of how many car crashes there are in any given 12 month period. If anything these figures, have risen.

So what does this tell us?

It tells us that we need to Learn to Drive. There are now more people and more cars on the road having more accidents at a slower speed. Therefore, nothing has changed by way of our perception or skill levels over the past ten years.

Road trauma costs this country 27 Billion dollars a year and the only way the government can continue to foot this bill is to keep increasing the fines and come up with additional taxes.

But let me ask you this!

If an education system was put in place ten years ago and a systematic approach was adopted towards licencing at the same time, do you think that the results would be the same, better or worse?

Let’s face it; there is no structure to the current licensing system, because if there were the fail rate would not be sitting at 33% annually, and I would not have students that are 25-40 years of age that still have no clue how to drive in a constructive manner.

What we need is a proactive approach to the problem rather than a bunch of reactionaries that couldn’t care less about anything except the almighty dollar; and do nothing to educate our kids towards developing the right mindset and attitude towards driving a motor vehicle.

Let’s face it; we teach our kids to swim from a very young age (in some cases before they can walk), but unless you are an Olympic swimmer, you spend far more time in and around a car than you do in water, and yet we leave the learn to drive side of things until the very last possible moment.

There are so many things we can be doing right now that will benefit our children in the future and most of them come down to basic common sense and good parenting.

Your kids will always do as you do, but they may not always do as you say.

Be the good example that your kids will aspire to.

Learn to drive! It could save your life and your kids.

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