Learning to read the play

Learning to read the play

Learning to read the playAs a sports fan, you often hear how the athletes will anticipate what the other players may do before they do it. It’s a good skill to have as an athlete, but also a good skill to have as a driver.

Anticipating what the flow of traffic may do early, will give you the opportunity to make any necessary changes in a controlled manner. Remembering that the first rule of braking is to look in your mirrors before applying the brakes. Looking well ahead is an essential technique which must be developed in order to stay incident and accident-free.  By learning to read the play of others, you slow down sooner and change lanes if required, maintaining traffic flow.

I regularly tell my students, if they can slow down before the driver directly ahead of them, it’s a good thing. That means they’ve correctly read the signs. Reading the road is another good way to be a proactive driver. For example, if you’re driving on the freeway and you notice that there is a build-up of traffic ahead, you can take evasive action well in advance of the problem. Conversely, sit in the middle lane; it will give you more choices.

Finally, don’t sit behind any vehicle that impedes your field of vision in any direction. This may not always be possible but maximise this tip as often as possible for your safety.

Sometimes, the most important signs aren’t made of metal. They come from the actions of other drivers. You just have to find them, decipher them and then respond correctly to what they are showing you.

Learn to read traffic. It will make driving more enjoyable, less stressful and keep you safer on the roads.

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