What do you look for in a Driving Instructor

What do you look for in a Driving Instructor?

What do you look for in a Driving Instructor?It’s time for that all important question, what do you look for in a driving instructor?

Is it someone who will drive you around test routes and guarantee that you get your licence first time?

If so, stop reading this post now and go away. I’m not the instructor you’re looking for.

If, however, you want to learn how to drive in a way that will keep you safe and incident free on the roads, then can I ask you to read on.

Let me start by letting you know a very tightly guarded secret.

The RACV is by far the biggest Driving School in Victoria. But did you know that they have a failure rate of 33% year on year?

That’s right; 1 out of 3 students fail on their first test after receiving instruction from an RACV instructor.

I am in no way suggesting that all RACV instructors are incompetent, but the odds are certainly stacked against you. So why risk it?

I have been a professional driver for more than 20 years, and I realise that a large majority of road related issues can be attributed to the system that we are currently under.

There is not a single day that I can say that I didn’t see a potential accident waiting to happen.

Our governments spend millions and millions of dollars on trying to counteract this ever increasing problem, yet this year alone we have had the biggest jump in road fatalities in past 20 years.

But how does that all effect you?

Well let me tell you.

You have to drive with every other road user on a daily basis, irrespective of their skill level and training. You have to take responsibility for your life.

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