Never underestimate stupid people driving

Never underestimate stupid people driving

Never underestimate stupid people drivingLove him or hate him, George Carlin is right on the money with this one.

To be honest, I don’t even know where to begin with explaining this particular group of self-righteous uneducated power mongers.

In fact, this particular group of individuals is so large that they have now got breakaway groups that run smaller sub-sections who all live for the same cause: To justify their existence.

As human beings, we tend to look up to authority and take on board what they say.

Children look up to parents as the authoritative figure, school kids to teachers, drivers to police, sick people to doctors; and in the majority of cases we tend to accept without question the advice that we’re given.

This is even more paramount when the relationship has been going on for a long period. For example: If you have been seeing the same doctor, going to the same accountant or using the same lawyer for a long time, you will tend to accept without question the advice that you are given. The only day this will come into question, is when your beliefs are challenged.

So where am I going with this?

Bear with me.

In this country (Australia), we have too many authoritative bodies that tell us what to do on the roads.

The state governments, TAC, VicRoads, RACV and of course the police.

Now don’t get me wrong, we have to have a governing body and law enforcement but we also need a system that benefits the masses, and right now this is not the case.

Currently, the power mongers are in a state of euphoria and self-preservation. These people are more addicted to the revenue streams as if they were a junkie with heroin.

Our license testing system is out of date and not serving any real benefit in the community at all. In fact, most of the test criteria  is so out of date it is almost reprehensible.

Let’s face it, a system that leaves you 30 times more likely to be in a serious accident after 120 hours of supervised driving, is not a system at all.

Now the TAC is advertising that they want parents to be involved in the “Probationary” period for the first 12 months in order to provide further support.

How much money did the taxpayer cough up for this little advertising campaign?

Here’s an idea; bring some accountability to the table and design a system to make it work.

Do you think for one minute that the same decisions would be made if those that make the decisions were held accountable for the outcomes of the decisions they make?

Not on your life!!!

Do you think that parents would fraudulently sign their child’s log book if they were going to be held accountable for any actions that their child was involved with on the roads?

Not on your life!!!

Do you think that driving instructors would more proactive in the way they teach, if they were to be held accountable for their students action on the road for the first 12 months of driving?

Absolutely! And in addition to that, it would weed out all the bad eggs in the industry.

Let’s face it, the children of this country are the future of this nation, and we need to be giving them every opportunity to shine.

Being a parent, a teacher or a leader comes with great responsibility, and it is a trait that is lost by our political leaders and others who hold down positions of power.

It is time we woke up to the fact that we are being lied to and led astray.

Bring back accountability and watch what happens.

Never underestimate stupid people driving down a not so helpful path.

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