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Privacy Policy

X Factor Driver Education is referred to as “X Factor” and you the client is referred to as “client” in the following privacy policy.

X Factor respects the privacy of our visitors/clients and takes every known precaution to safe guard the information we collect from authorised use. The following is a detailed explanation of the privacy policy which you hereby agree to by using or registering for our website or services.

What Information Do We Collect?

X Factor believes it’s vital for you to know the types of data or information we collect when using our site. We use various methods for collecting information.

Cookies that are stored on your computer are used to track the amount of times you access our website and the IP Address. Cookies are a standard identifying tool used by sites to record traffic.

Personal Information is collected from our site and payment details are secured with PayPal. All contact data is stored for communication purposes. We store personal information in a secure database.

Can I Request Removal Of Information?

You always have the option to view the information we have collected from you is correct. You also have the option of removing any information that you wish to keep private. However, please note that removing certain information such as your email address and contact information, may greatly hinder our ability to effectively provide the service/s you have requested.

Public Comments

Account usage on this website allows users to comment on X Factor blogs. Users are advised that information published may be used in marketing materials or publicised on our social media networks. We reserve the right to withhold, alter or delete a comment from the public feed if deemed necessary to do so.

We take privacy seriously and will continue to monitor the use and access of this information for your security.

Privacy Disputes

We’re committed to ensuring your privacy is maintained in all ways applicable both expected by yourself, and by the Privacy Act of the Commonwealth and respected states and territories that we trade in. If you believe a breach of privacy has occurred, we will report this to a Privacy advocate, who may investigate the matter further if deemed necessary. All breaches of privacy are taken seriously. To make a Privacy breach complaint please email

Notice Of Changes: We reserve the right to change this privacy policy at any time. However, if any changes do occur, we will publish the changes to our website.

Last updated 08/12/2014

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