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Terms of use

Terms of use:

In the following Terms and Conditions, X Factor Driver Education is referred to as “X Factor”, and you, the client is referred to as “the client”.

1. X Factor reserves the right to change our terms and conditions at any time, at which time a notice will be posted on our site advising of such changes. The following Terms and Conditions apply to all services provided by X Factor.

2. All work is carried out by X Factor with the understanding that the Client has read, understands and agrees to be bound by X Factor Terms and Conditions.

3. Acceptance of Service

Acceptance of a booking is granted when you organise a booking via this website, email, phone or other means with X Factor. All items are to be paid in (AUD). We accept Paypal online or cash for offline bookings. For other bookings outside online, bank transfers can be accepted upon request. However must be finalised 3 days prior to commencement of lesson/s.

5. Booking service

X Factor makes no guarantee that the available times specified are accurate or correct at the time of purchase. X Factor reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any booking with notice to the client.

6. Booking software and availability

X Factors makes no guarantee or is to be held liable for any technical issue or glitch occurred with the online booking or offline process, this includes but does not limit to downtime, service failure or incorrect time frames.

7. Cancellation

The client agrees that any cancellation is to be made prior at least 24 hours from their scheduled booking time.

8. Service Agreement

The clients agrees that all driving lessons are carried out by qualified and professional driving Instructors.

9. Keys 2 Drive Terms

The client and X Factor agree the Keys 2 Drive free lesson will be done in conjunction with a standard 1 hour driving lesson. The students supervising driver is to be in attendance and 2 hours is required for this package.

10. Bulk Buy Discount

(a) The client agrees that the bulk buy discount offer is only valid for those living in the radius of 15km from Croydon, Melbourne.

(b) The client agrees when purchasing a five lesson package, they must pay the total of this package at the commencement of their first lesson and all five lessons need to be completed within a 2 month time frame or they will expire.

11. Withdrawal of Services

X Factor reserves the right to withdraw their services at any time with a full refund of your deposit.

12. Conditions

These terms and conditions are in addition to our agreed Privacy Policy and agreed statements via our communications or website, all available on our website. These conditions do not limit the client from any consumer rights such as those from Australian Consumer Law.

Last Updated 08/12/2014

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