Should You Use a Professional Driving Instructor

Should You Use a Professional Driving Instructor?

Should You Use a Professional Driving InstructorOf course, the answer is yes!

But then I would say that; I am a Professional Driving Instructor.

“Why should I use a Professional Driving Instructor?” I hear you say, “I’m a Good Driver!”

Well, this is precisely why you need my services; because you think you’re a good driver.

Listen, let me explain something that not many people realise.

The minute you start believing that you’re a good driver, your ego kicks in and a sense of arrogance takes over.

Now don’t get me wrong, arrogance has it’s place, but not behind the wheel.

Try instead, to replace the word “GOOD” with “SAFE”.

By stating this instead, “I am a Safe Driver” at a sub-conscious level it takes all the ego out of the equation.

So let’s get back to the original question, “Should you use a Professional Driving Instructor?” and if so, how do I know that they are professional?

Let’s look at some important points:-

Just because they’ve got a Driving Instructors License, does not make them professional.

  • Ask them what they plan to teach your child?
  • Ask them what their pass rate is?
  • Ask them how many students they have had in the past 12 months?

If it is a low number (for dot point two and three), this is good, because you know that they spend quality time with their students rather than rushing them through in order to line their pockets.

Don’t go with the cheapest price. This is only a recipe for disaster. What you are looking for here is value for money. A Driving Instructor, which refuses to haggle over their price, is a Driving Instructor that is in demand.

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